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Music video parody animation of Fortnite Battle Royale \u0026 Katy Perry's California Gurls
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Being dropped into a survival battle to the death on a small island is always better when you turn it into a musical \u0026 find a safe bush to hide in.

►Vocals \u0026 Produced by Whitney Di Stefano
►Lyrics, Additional Vocals, Instruments by Logan Hugueny-Clark https://www.youtube.com/user/Lhugueny
►Animation by Dewald de la Rey


There's an island, where psychos try to kill each other,
I like to spend, my life shooting and taking cover.
Slurpinʼ on some juice, to heal my wounds and help recover,
Hurtinʼ other dudes, with rifle bullets I will smother.
You can hide in a bush,
But you can't stay long or the storm will harm.
I like to flank and push,
Gotta stay brave and strong, oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah

Battle Royale, I just love the thrill of it,
Trying to survive all on my own,
Hiking, scavenging and killing people,
Ah oh ah oh ah, oh, ah oh ah oh ah oh ah

Sniped in the plains,
Being in the open is a death wish.
I always bunny hop,
Or I'll be sleeping with the fishes.
My favorite's boogie bombs,
Make enemies dance to my favorite songs.
But I won't wait too long,
Before I kill them all, oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah


Gettin' cozy by the fire,
While I chug my jug ʼtil the jug expires.
Smoke grenades get me so high,
While the regular ones make my enemies die.
Use the launch pad so that I can fly,
When I deploy my glider I can touch the sky.
Outrun the reaches of the Storm,
While nailing motherf*****s like Jason Bourne.
Touring this island, fast not slow,
From Haunted Hills to Dusty Depot.
Gotta stay sharp, don't be AFK,
Cause I won't show mercy and I'll blow you away.
Blasting rockets all the way across the map,
Watch 'em hit you in the a** like an explosive slap.
Surviving this battle on my stairway to heaven,
Where I be snipin' these b*****s like a hunter shooting pheasants.


Battle Royale
Battle Royale Fortnite
Battle Royale
Battle Royale Fortnite
Battle Royale

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