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A series starring Juice, coming soon…

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A Boy Story: Crisis in Parallel - Prologue

Starring Christian Rose as The Boy

Directed by Logan Regnier
Co-Directors Michael Ricciardulli, Daniel Moss, and Christian Rose
Story by Michael Ricciardulli, Daniel Moss, and Christain Rose
Director of Photography Logan Regnier
Produced by JT Ahle, Logan Regnier, and Juice
Executive Producers Michael Ricciardulli, JT Ahle, Christian Rose, and Daniel Moss
Edited by Logan Regnier
Colorist Connor Burns
Sound Design by Logan Regnier

Costume Design by Michael Ricciardulli
Makeup by Taylor Allen

Titles by Daniel Moss and Kevin Badami
Animation by Kevin Badami

Music by Juice
Produced by Juice and Dean Gray
Mixed by Joel McKenney

\"Superimposed\" out 8/6 - pre-save the track here: https://onerpm.link/superimposed

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