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In this free songwriting tutorial filmed at the 2016 ASCAP EXPO, Berklee Online instructor Andrea Stolpe offers tips for ending writer’s block. Andrea summarizes the dominant songwriting tools that supersede genre, and breaks them down into lyric, melodic, and harmonic tendencies. Her 20 songwriting tools will help you unite artistry with commercial viability.

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About Andrea Stolpe:
Andrea Stolpe is a multi-platinum recorded songwriter, performing artist, and educator. She has worked as a staff writer for EMI, Almo-Irving, and Universal Music Publishing, with songs recorded by such artists as Faith Hill, Daniel Lee Martin, Julianne Hough, and others. Andrea is the author and instructor of the course Commercial Songwriting Techniques, part of Berklee Online's online songwriting program.

Released in fall of 2007, her book “Popular Lyric Writing: 10 Steps to Effective Storytelling” describes how to apply a unique process for uniting our artistic voice with the commercial market. Andrea graduated with a degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music. She continues to tour and promote her solo release, \"Breaking Even,\" and serve as a guest clinician nationally and abroad. Andrea lives in Los Angeles with her husband, recording engineer Jan Teddy.

About the ASCAP EXPO:
The ASCAP \"I Create Music\" EXPO is the first and only national conference dedicated to songwriting and composing. The event provides a unique opportunity for songwriters, composers, artists, producers, publishers - and those in the industry who support them - to come together in an unprecedented way to share their knowledge and expertise.
Learn more: http://www.ascap.com/expo

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