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Hello everyone! My name is phantommaxx or phantom, or maxx for short! Whatever suits your fancy! I’m a streamer/content creator! I mainly do streams but I also do a variety of gameplays and other fun types of videos! Be sure to subscribe to be part of our Phantom Force and follow my socials to support me!💕🤖

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● Twitter: phantommaxx1
● Roblox Account: phantommaxx001
● Discord tag: phantommaxx # 1808
● Fan Group:https://www.roblox.com/groups/6443577...
● Roblox Merch: found in my group store!

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-videos every Sunday \u0026 Saturday sometimes extra vids \u0026 streams so always come by!

⚡️ Please DO NOT re-upload or use any of my videos, thumbnails, builds and any graphics on my channel.✨💥

🍄Disclaimer: My content is directed at individuals aged 13+🎮

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