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Join us each week at The Hunting Lodge as we play and chat about all things fair game in theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Sometimes we co-op, sometimes we go glassing solo, and sometimes we bring some friends along to share the experience and hear stories.

Participation Rules:
To keep things as fun, fair, and inclusive for everyone as possible, when you choose to participate in the Stream and with it's community you understand and agree to the below rules:-

A) I will not harass or abuse other community members;
B) I will not share racist, culturally biased, sexist, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content;
C) I will not share political and religious content;
D) I will not share personal or confidential information about another community member or myself;
E) I will not post comments to troll and cause unrest;
F) I will remember that the Devs are humans and deserve the same respect as me or anyone else;
G) I will not spam content and/or post links.

Watch the Stream on your preferred channel!
Twitch: https://gsght.com/c/jk1do0
YouTube: https://gsght.com/c/zhuc80
Facebook: https://gsght.com/c/29feyi
Steam: https://gsght.com/c/koqfov

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