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If your dentist started telling you how to fix your leaky sink, you’d probably take their advice with a grain of salt.

But if they told you their secret to avoiding coffee stains, you’d be all ears!

People want to learn from experts.

People want to see results.

And thankfully, with YouTube Ads you can finally give your target customers the answers and the proof that they’re looking for.

Nothing builds trust and credibility faster than sharing your results or sharing the results you’ve gotten for others.

So forget being humble, shout your achievements from the rooftops and watch the leads start flowing in!

0:00 - Intro to Share Your Results \u0026 Share Student Results
0:25 - What Makes A Successful YouTube Ad?
0:50 - Why Can I Share Results In YouTube Ads?
2:44 - Sharing Your Results - Get What I Get
3:22 - Share Your Results - I Promise To Show You How
3:43 - Share Your Results - Look What I’ve Done
4:25 - Share Your Results - Look What Our Product Does
4:50 - Share Your Results - Here’s My Strategy
5:25 - Share Student Results - Screenshots of Success
5:58 - Share Student Results - Look At What They Earn
6:20 - Share Student Results - Tell Their Story
7:20 - Next Week’s Video
7:27 - Work With AdLeg

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