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Learn more about Carta for LLCs: carta.com/llc

Welcome to Carta for LLCs! In this video, we'll run through a quick demo overview of the LLC platform and its various features.


Carta helps you with a few different things, by tracking ownership in your LLC, managing interactions with your members, automating documentation workflows, and helping you understand the value of your business.

On the Master Cap Table, you can see all of your members -- investors, employees, management team -- broken down with all of their units vested, unvested, and explained.

You can open up the interest type, look at all your different managers, and open one up to make sure that their vesting schedule is performing how I expect it to.

You can also issue new interests quickly and easily, and send emails out to the prospective interest owners so that they can fill out some basic information, including their 83(b) elections. On your side, you can make sure that the 83(b) is completed, and gets over to the IRS on time.

You can also automate more of your documentation workflows by issuing out K-1s to all of the people who need them. For instance, you can select a document set, send them to the people who need to receive them, and ensure that they get there on time. This gets sent over to their e-mail so that they always have it to reference, both in their e-mail inbox and in their Carta account.

Finally, you can check out the valuation of your company, and run different reports like waterfall analyses. What happens if you sell your company for 50 million dollars? How much money will everyone make? With a quick analysis, Carta breaks it down based on all of your members stored within the platform.

You can also get a 409A valuation done. Open up the 409A tab, enter some basic information, and you'll be connected directly with a Carta rep to handle the valuation for you.

All of this comes in one little package, and that package is called Carta.