Скачать с ютуб 3.. 2... 1... HERE SHE COMES! | Saiko No Sutoka (Alpha 1.7)

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This new update gives you :
Alpha 1.7 changes
1 : added event where AI can shut down power if cant find you.
2 : added event where AI can steal your key and run away and hide it in some other room.
3 : added new protagonist model with some animations.
4 : camera system is improved and added more cameras and can auto track AI does need to be interacted.
5 : Added 2 hidden jumpscares.
6 : added new AI starting animation with counting to make it easier for player so they ai doesnt just directly come inside the room
at the start of the game.
7 : issues fixed with some keys not spawning on correct rooms.
8 : fixed issues with some doors ai was able to stuck.
9 : lots of minor changes level and fixed couple of bug fixes.

10 : Keys now spawn inside lockers as well.

11: Added 2 new language options more to be added in coming days.(russian and chinese)
Link to the game : https://habupain.itch.io/saiko-no-satuka

3.. 2... 1... HERE SHE COMES! | Saiko No Sutoka (Alpha 1.7)