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South Church Unitarian Universalist in Portsmouth, NH

Rose, Bud, Thorn:

Prelude: Curiosity, Op. 105, No.3 by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee Susan Adams, piano

Welcome: Rev Susan Suchocki Brown, Kirsten Hunter and Jen Del Deo

Announcements: Jen Leyden

Invocation: Mitch Pivor

Opening Words: CoA Facilitators: Mariah Roberts, Steve Barlock. Megan Bairstow and Chris Redmond

Chalice Lighting: Coming of Age Mentors: Betty Olivolo, Andrew Cramb, Lance Hellman, Joanne Foster, Steven Howard, Andrew Scease, Emily Bolton Lusenhop, Meghan Harris, Theo Wiegand and Eric Katzman. Words from Rebecca Pankhurst, ready by Veda Kiper Phelps

Mission Statement: Callan Eves

Opening Hymn: Come, Come Whoever You Are

Time for All Ages: “Exclamation Mark” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal \u0026 Tom Lichtenheld, read by Les Bryant and Callan Eves

Offertory Intro: Julia McGeorge
Offertory Music: Little Prelude Op. 109 No.1 by A. Gretchaninoff, Susan Adams, piano

Prayer: Rev. Susan Suchocki Brown and Kirsten Hunter


Coming of Age Faith Statements: Aidan McEachern, Gracie Schmidt, Callan Eves, Les Bryant, Julia McGeorge

Slideshow: Exploring Op. 110, No. 12 by D. Goolkasian Rahbee, Susan Adams on piano

Coming of Age Faith Statements: Nate Lynch, Lucas Eves, Seven Hinnov, Veda Kiper Phelps

Closing Hymn: Go Now In Peace

Extinguishing the Chalice: Coming of Age Mentors

Benediction: Jen Del Deo

Postlude: “Sittin’ on a Rock”, by Coming of Age Youth on their Wilderness Retreat