Скачать с ютуб I built my $15 MILLION dream home in The Sims 4 from Zillow

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We build my dream home in The Sims 4, based off a real home!
Find other inspiring homes at Zillow.com: http://www.inflcr.co/SH3OC #ZillowPartner
Thank you to Zillow for sponsoring this video.
* Unfortunately I had to edit out most of the reference images to this home including the floorplan due to ownership/copyright reasons.

Custom Content used:
KICHEN PACK: https://felixandresims.tumblr.com/post/187314236204/the-kichen-kitchen-collection-here-a-serving
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ECO KITCHEN: https://littledica.tumblr.com/post/625444620620480512/the-sims-4-eco-kitchen-stuff-pack-now-available
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