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1-29-1989. (FYI: Some funky static and short blurbs and pops in the screen at the start and finish that fix at the start pretty quickly and only present again in deep garbage Jeff Lamp minutes, minor annoyances, still completely watchable.) Fun game, fun Chick n Stu broadcast. I always loved his overdubs onto national broadcasts because Chick was less restrained about criticizing the refs and opponents and was just a little more risque at times than he was on simulcasts. There was a game the prior year at DAL which was also a CBS game where the Mavs came out in what was supposed to be a big test for the up 'n comer Mavs and they promptly pooped the bed. How would this game look by comparison. I did that game, too, 3/06/88: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx353KGqnpI