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Its National Pizza Month and I'm celebrating by making a New York Style Pizza at Home in my Ooni Pro Pizza oven. This is step by step so if you want to skip ahead to a certain part, look for the chapters below.

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0:00 Intro to New York Style Pizza
0:32 New York Style Pizza Dough Recipe
9:58 Simple New York Style Pizza Sauce Recipe
12:22 Preheating the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven
14:15 What Kind of Cheese to use for NY Style Pizza
15:27 Stretching the New York Style Pizza Dough
19:56 Adding the Sauce and Cheese
21:47 Putting the Pizza in the Oven
24:40 Seasoning the Pizza
25:49 Slicing the Pizza and Taste Test

I came up with this New York Style Pizza Recipe after many hours of trial and error to get a really crispy crust on the bottom and still nice and chewy on top.

There is no replacement for authentic New York Style Pizza from New York City but this is pretty darn close to the real thing and you can make it from home.

Full recipe can be found in the video.

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