Скачать с ютуб Going Through & Growing Through the Hard Times. | Niraj Gera | TEDxFIIB

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\"Like a coin has two sides, human life is also black and white i.e. good cannot exist without bad and vice versa. Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin and it is their nature to coexist. So, then why do we humans create such a big fuss when it comes to facing difficulties and challenges in our life? And above all this, the irony is we all want to do something so remarkable that we are remembered long after we’re gone and leave our mark behind, but, we run away from facing challenges and problems at the same time. Not only this, the moment we face some issue we stand in front of the gods and goddesses with folded hands to take away all our problems and bless us with a life free from all obstacles. But, have you ever wondered why \u0026 how they/our role models/ someone become great and worth remembering? Because they face and welcome their challenges with open arms with a “Never Give Up” attitude and make sure to fight away all the odds lives sends their way with valour, strength, dignity, determination and a positive outlook.

My life has also been on similar lines where I chose to stand up and keep going on against all odds. I also chose to not determine my self-worth and confidence based on things, people and power in life, instead, I focused on getting rid of all such crutches and living life my way by flying against the wind. And so, it is my absolute pleasure and honour to be able to share my personal life experiences, hoping that it’ll be worth sharing even if I can inspire a single person today. Life will always give you lemons, it is in your hands what you choose to do with it.
\" Mr. Niraj Gera is a rare talent and an inspiration to many who dare to dream. He is a perfect example of excellence with compassion. Skilled in the craft of photography, he is well known for documenting worldwide acclaimed photo series such as the Sacred Transformation, Scared Stains \u0026 Sacred Love. His works have been bestowed with much appreciation, awards and titles of prestige. He is not only a photographer but also a senior faculty at the art of living organisation, a motivational speaker,a certified life coach, an active social activist and above all a human full of love and life. There is nothing that our guest for today thinks is impossible.
We are graced to have a man of inspirational values amongst us. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx