Скачать с ютуб A Celtic Journey with Saint Joseph - Harp, Voice and Strings

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Celebrating the Year of St. Joseph with Harp, Voice and Strings

(Subtitles available for Irish and Latin texts, click the Subtitles/[CC] box onscreen)

00:00 O'Carolan's Dream (Turlough O'Carolan)
04:02 Joseph, Fili David (Chant)
07:25 Teitheadh go hÉigipt (Seán Óg Ó Tuama)
10:45 Farewell to Fiunary (Norman MacLeod arr. Mary Louise O'Donnell)
15:53 A Íosa, mhic Mhuire (Traditional arr.Ronan McDonagh)
19:53 Psalm 89 May the Goodness of the Lord be Upon Us (Ronan McDonagh)
24:41 Te Joseph Celebrent (Oreste Ravallello/Chant)

Teresa O'Donnell
Sarah Lane
Kerrie O'Connor
Mary Louise O'Donnell
Naomi Dunleavy-O'Shea

Location: Avila Carmelite Centre, Community Chapel, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland

To mark the \"Year of St. Joseph\" Vox Hiberniae draw on a variety of composers and genres to reflect musically on his life:

O'Carolan, the famous Irish harper, whose familial forfeiting of estates in times of turmoil and his later nomadic existence resonate with the turbulent early years of St Joseph as he took Jesus and Mary into his care.

Seán Óg Ó Tuama's haunting telling of the flight into Egypt and Scottish Rev. Norman MacLeod's poignant tale of the heartbreak of exile.

Contemporary Irish composer Ronan McDonagh's beautiful setting of psalm 89 which surely St. Joseph recited in praise of the infant Son and in invocation of the heavenly Father. Ronan's instrumental arrangement of the traditional Irish hymn A Íosa, mhic Mhuire (Jesus, son of Mary) draws our gaze from St. Joseph towards Jesus whom he contemplated,

Finally we draw on chant, pointing to the universal church to which we belong and the Irish monastic tradition that is our heritage, as it honours Joseph, son of David