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Welcome back to The Click Track, a podcast about composing and the tech behind it. In this mini episode, Award-winning Composer Jason Graves (@Jason Graves Music ) and Heavyocity’s Ari Winters discuss their favorite outboard eq, the Manley Massive Passive. From their favorite settings, to how they use it on their music, to comparing the software and hardware versions.

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Video Contents:
0:00 -- Welcome to The Things We Love on The Click Track
01:06 -- Today's Thing: The Manley Massive Passive
03:12 -- Putting on Glasses for the First Time
04:19 -- Dialing In The Settings
07:00 -- Taming the Low End
08:25 -- How Much Gain?
10:41 -- Pre or Post Compression?
12:21 -- The Plug-in Version vs The Hardware
15:18 -- Recap and Subscribe!

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