Скачать с ютуб RV Cooking: Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven!

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Portable authentic wood fired pizza in 90 seconds outside your RV, satisfaction guaranteed!
LINK: https://ooni.com/ They've changed their name to ooni.

I'm Bobby Gene, retired young to be caregiver for my wife, but after losing her to brain cancer I set out on motorcycle for three years to seek healing and find myself again. To finally close the book on that final chapter, I've sold our home and moved into an RV, 'The Independence', with my car 'Abe' in tow, (Yes it's a Lincoln). Together we travel as far as possible, hoping to inspire others who have suffered a loss, while discovering new destinations, new challenges, and amazing people.

Primary camera: Canon G7X
Crane-M gimbal stabilizer for the G7X
Gopro 5 black
Gopro 3+ black
Canon Hanycam HD
iphone video sometimes
Feiyu Tech Gimbal (for the GoPros)
Karma Grip (for the GoPro Black but it kinda sucks)
Video Editor: Premier Pro CS6
computer: Asus ROG laptop
primary audio recording done with a Canon IC recorder and sync'ed in post editing, also used for voice over.
Voice Over 2: Focusrite Scarlett
Gold diaphragm condenser mic
DJI Mavick Pro Drone