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Using passwords in your scripts. :35

DPAPI Method. 3:21

AES Method. 4:44

Question: Can this work with 2FA? 9:21

Question: Hi, Is it possible to deploy a local admin and its password to a domain computer? 12:30

CMS Message. 15:52

Question: Debating splitting our PDQ server into two. One to handle imaging the other to do day to day tasks/schedules. Should we be concerned about both servers trying to hit the same target? Say an OU based schedule tried to deploy while imaging? Would one take priority? Would the world implode? 19:53

LAPS with PowerShell. 21:44

Question: You guys have done some training before regarding PDQ Deploy and FOG and being able to call a PDQ Deploy job from FOG with a Snapin. The question I have is whether or not you can do the AES encryption and password file with this? 28:36

Question: Our Win 10 machines require one username and password and the servers require different set of credentials. Are we able to setup PDQ to use the appropriate credentials for deployments and scanning? 29:26