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Formed in 2005 by Aussie frontman Dave Kok and local lad Jamie Duncan, Ten Tonne Dozer are a powerful groove metal unit who are one of the UK’s most northern heavy rock acts.

Ten Tonne Dozer are well toured and have played numerous gigs and festivals dozering their way throughout the UK and the continent, with their live shows choc full of gut busting tunes and performing like crazed men possessed, except for shred-master Jamie Duncan who is like the eye of the hurricane during the madness. What an awe inspiring mix of blood, sweat, broken strings, and sheep skulls. The band also won the 2012 Scottish Alternative Music Awards \"Best Metal\" category and were joint-winners of the 2012 Fudge Award \"Best International Act\".

Ten Tonne Dozer features Jamie Duncan (Lead Guitar), Dave Kok (Vocals), Keith Neill (Drums), Jamie Dalziel (Guitar) and Barrie Scobie (Bass).


The set is available to watch on our YouTube channel and on Shetland Arts' Facebook and Instagram channels until Monday 31 May.


Hill 52
Roo Shooter
Son Of The Leper
Thud Chunk
Optimus Goat Herder
Skyrim Corellia
Last Nail In The Coffin
Two Thirds Beast




All riffs by Duncan, all ramblings by Kok, all songs by the filthy glamorous lads of Ten Tonne Dozer.

Video Directed and Edited by – Dave Donaldson
Cameras – JJ Jamieson, Liz Musser, Vaila Walterson
Video Production Supervisor – Simon Thompson

Ten Tonne Dozer would like to say: Ta muchly to our patient TTD fans and the women we occasionally socialise with, cheers to the lighting/visual/audio dudes and dudettes and everyone else at Shetland Arts who put this together. Rock n roll all the damn way baby!

Filmed live at Mareel, Shetland. 2021


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