Скачать с ютуб OONI PRO Pizza Oven WOOD FIRED how to get HOT FAST 850 degrees in REAL TIME Margarita UUNI PRO

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REAL TIME unedited uncut video starting at 11:25 which is the time I drop the hickory wood in and runs uncut until I remove the pizza which will show you the actual time it takes bring oven from around 400° farenheit to 850° farenheit (or 450° Celsius) and completely cook the pizza...I also show the shortcuts I use to make a really good pizzeria style pizza using pre made fresh Italian dough and some really good pizza sauce made by RAO'S along with fresh mozzarella pearls and fresh basil leaves... all available at my local Publix supermarket and all some in a fairly inexpensive pizza oven that really works!! not only does this make an unforgettable experience and a great tasting pizza... it's really fun!!! thanks for stopping by to see old jelly and I hope you enjoy the video... love y'all... jelly
#jelly007 #oonipizzaoven #homemadepizza
0:00 introduction
0:40 Explanation of the OONI'S portability
1:35 the pizza ingredients, dough, RAO Pizza Sauce \u0026 basil i used
4:32 what i use to heat the UUNI pro FOGO \u0026 Hickory Wood Chunks
5:46 the OONI damper to cook meats or ribs etc
7:38 lighting the FOGO charcoal to preheat OONI
9:29 how to clean the ooni door window
9:50 how i put the dough on the peel
10:55 how the optional door works
11:06 beginning of real time video segment \u0026 adding the wood
16:20 oven reaches 450° Celsius
19:20 adding the pizza \u0026 luckily making Copper my dog move from where he was laying
23:35 removal of pizza
24:23 cutting of pizza