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In this Getting Started video, experts from FamilySearch and the Family History Library share how to approach finding ancestors through DNA, books, and print materials!

Learn the basics of how to locate unknown ancestors through an autosomal DNA test with Lauren and Camille. An autosomal DNA test captures and analyzes inherited DNA from both maternal and paternal lines. Additional DNA matches can be made through a process called clustering.

Pieces of your family story have likely been documented and compiled by others in books, newspapers, and other printed histories. Many family history books and genealogies are digitized and available for online research! Matt and Cara highlight resources for locating a variety of books, newspapers, and more that may be the next step to unlocking more of your unique family story.

00:00 - Types of DNA Tests
01:51 - Inheritance Patterns
03:23 - The Big Picture of Autosomal DNA
06:30 - DNA Matches without Family Trees
09:18 - Caveats of DNA Testing
10:23 - Getting Started with Books and Print
11:55 - Printed Books
13:08 - Resources for Finding Books
17:14 - Using the FamilySearch Digital Library
19:45 - Information within Newspapers
21:12 - How to Search for Newspapers
26:13 - FamilySearch Wiki Newspapers
29:10 - Conclusion

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