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You can grow food, herbs, flowers, and even dwarf fruit trees in containers! Don't let the size of your space stop you from starting a garden this year.

In this video Bridget Ayers, a backyard gardener in Southern California - Zone 10b, shows us her container garden and discusses her top 8 tips for successful container gardening.

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00:43 Selecting the Right Container Size
01:43 Different Container Garden Material
03:13 Ensuring Your Containers Have Adequate Drainage
04:10 The Best Container Garden Soil
05:02 How To Amend Container Gardens
05:28 Mulching Containers
05:55 Considerations When Watering Container Gardens
07:25 Companion Planting a Container Garden

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Stay tuned for more videos from Bridget and her husband Evan. Check out her Instagram to learn even more about her garden, https://www.instagram.com/bridgetayers/.