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In this review I'll talk about the UUNI PRO Pizza Oven by OONI
Update: 11/19/2019 I highly recommend if you plan to use wood,charcoal or pellet wood for the fuel then get a portable fan it will make your life much easier, I recommend this: https://extrafudge.com/ref/amzn.to/2BfP1fP Absolutely worth it. And I measured about 110 minutes run time on high. Update: 11/18/2018 got my new Thermometer. Updates: 11/04/2018 on my 2nd use of the oven the thermostat on the door broke, I think from thermal shock, the thread literally snapped.. I contacted OONI, we'll see how they handle this. 11/13/2018 they sent me a new thermometer As far as the cosmetic defects I contacted OONI they never got back with me on that. But I didn't push the matter, I only emailed once and never got a reply. Buy this Pizza Oven on Amazon: http://extrafudge.com/ref/amzn.to/2RwiFm9 (Better return policy and problem resolution for sure) How to make the dough: https://youtu.be/MABUNp1MKyM

Amazon product page: http://extrafudge.com/ref/amzn.to/2RwiFm9

How to make the dough: https://youtu.be/MABUNp1MKyM

FYI: Uuni pro will get 2 years warranty but you must register using this link: