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Doubling your money is a badge of honor, often used as bragging rights and a promise made by overzealous advisors. Perhaps it comes from deep in our investor psychology—the risk-taking part of us that loves the quick buck.

That said, doubling your money is a realistic goal that an investor should always aim for. The method you choose depends largely on your appetite for risk and your timeline for investing.
How would you feel if the money you invested in becomes twice the principal amount? Seems good to be true, isn’t it? There are several parameters where money can be doubled. But you shouldn’t expect magic here, in terms of duration.
There are probably more investment scams out there than there are sure things. Be suspicious whenever you're promised results. Whether it's your broker, your brother-in-law or a late-night infomercial, take the time to make sure that someone is not using you to double their money.
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