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FIFA world player of the year Robert Lewandowski has warned that he still has room for improvement and retains the hunger to challenge for titles with Bayern Munich for \"many, many years.\"

Speaking in the week after the Bavarian club won a ninth consecutive Bundesliga title, the Polish forward said he still has much more to learn in the game.

The 32-year-old scored a hat-trick in Bayern's 6-0 hammering of Borussia Monchengladbach on Saturday, which not only clinched the title but brought his season tally to 39 goals.

He now has two league games left - at Freiburg on 15th May and at home to Augsburg on the final day of the season – to equal or surpass Bayern and Germany legend Gerd Muller's single-season record of 40 goals, notched in the 1971-72 campaign.

1. 00:34 - 01:07 SOUNDBITE (English) Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich Striker

(On dedicating his personal awards to his team-mates)

\"My individual success and trophies also belong to them because without them, I cannot win anything, so I know exactly what it means for them. Maybe in the end, I have these trophies at home but I know it belongs to my teammates or my staff, that's why I do not think about it during the games this season, it is something extra. For sure, sometimes I am very proud of this but I always see my teammates on these trophies as well.\"

2.01:52 - 02:48 SOUNDBITE (English) Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich Striker

(On still being hungry for more trophies and learning new skills)

\"I want to show that it doesn't matter how many titles you have already won, you can still win more. It is my ambition, I am a guy who does not think about the past, I am the guy thinking about the future, what can happen, what more can I do, what can I do better. And I want to keep learning, this is also on my mind, I don't think that I know everything, that I am the best and I have the best skills in the world. I know that I need to train, to practice, to do something better, maybe. That's why maybe it's my ambition to be on the top and to be better, even though I am already 32, 33 this year, but I know that for me age is only a number, I can play football for many, many years.\"

3. 02:49 - 03:13 SOUNDBITE (English) Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich Striker

(On how the expectations at Bayern Munich are high every year)

\"You know, playing for Bayern Munich is always the same thing, every year, you have to be the best, whether it's Bundesliga, cup or Champions League and I have to say that I like to be on the top and to be the player with a lot of expectation on him\"

4. 03:19 - 03:44 SOUNDBITE (English) Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich Striker

(On enjoying having high expectations placed on him)

\"I like this. I'm not afraid of being the player who everyone has very huge expectations of. Sure, sometimes the expectations are too huge but I am not afraid of this and I think that everyone who plays for Bayern Munich knows all these things, that playing for Bayern Munich, to be good is not enough.\"

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