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Ever since we saw the renders of the fantastic, futuristic and electric ARRIVAL delivery vans we have been desperate to see one in the metal... and it definitely does not disappoint. Robert was lucky enough to visit the ARRIVAL headquarters and sneak a first look at the impressive design which is attracting interest from numerous big name businesses. Designed from the ground up and with price parity as the focus, ARRIVAL's Chief of Product Patrick Bion talks about rethinking the user experience and delivering the lowest cost solution for delivery fleets. One thing is for sure, ARRIVAL is here! *For easy reference, use the timestamps below...*

For more on Arrival, visit https://www.Arrival.com

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0:00 What an Arrival!
1:07 Interview with Chief of Product
2:09 Specifications and Future Versions
2:41 Price Parity with Combustion Engine Vehicles
3:23 Savings that Seriously Stack Up
4:04 Vehicle-to-Grid?
4:39 What's the Usage Case?
5:36 Cargo Capacity
6:23 Made in the UK
6:52 Components, Drivetrain, Software, Batteries
7:43 Exterior Walkaround
8:27 All Aboard!
9:12 The Full Package
9:29 Variations On A Theme
10:03 RIP Diesel Delivery Vans
10:22 Bulging Order Book
11:13 Platform Architecture for Multiple Variants
11:32 Autonomous Vans?
12:21 Benefits to Delivery Drivers
12:55 Cost per Kilometre
13:17 Composite Body Structure
13:57 Micro-Factory Business Model
14:50 Last Lingering Look
15:02 In Summary
15:29 Subscribe \u0026 Support

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