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J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 - Michael G. Jennings

Legend has it that the Goldberg Variations had been composed to soothe the slumber of a nobleman, but this is far from truth: indeed, what mind could sleep through such complexity and beauty? Their sheer variety and their intricate yet imaginative counterpoint transport the listener into a state of bewildered suspension that borders on ecstasy, in its most etymological sense.
Leading us towards this endless and blissful horizon is the theme itself, concealed in the bass line of the opening Aria. By trying to grasp it and anticipate it, we are immediately swept away by the strong currents of Bach’s creative force - whose name ironically translates as stream - which quickly overflow into a profound ocean of musical eloquence.
Through this introspective and revelatory journey, full of empathy and imagination, we are gently induced to contemplate on the beauty and poetry of change, evolution, and transfiguration: in a word, of Variation itself.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Ursarec.com
Video: video-vitae.com
Photo: Matteo Lava, 2021.

All Rights are reserved © Dasè Sound Lab srl

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