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I use field stone collected near the small off grid cabin in the woods to build a really amazing stone or rock oven for cooking pizza or bread using more advanced primitive technology. I will show you how to build a stone oven!

A rock oven works by collecting heat from fire inside the oven rather than let it escape to the environment. A stone or rock oven still uses primitive technology, but it is a more advanced form because it's not just using fire by itself, and it needs to be built which takes engineering know-how. Rock ovens cook food from every direction, unlike a fire that is uncovered so it is much more efficient at baking foods like pizza or bread.

However, a rock oven is not difficult to build. You just make a oven shape, with a dome, and then have a place where the smoke can escape out the top of the oven.

The hardest part of building a rock oven is making the arch shape. To do this, I made a form out of foam and wood. The supported the dome until the mortar solidified providing strength. Primitive ovens can be built with stone, clay, or cob, but they all work the same. In our case, we used masonry skills to hold the rocks together with mortar.

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