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The Estwing® Sure Split Wedge is a great tool that won’t bust your budget - it’s under $20!

We heat our woodshop with a woodstove and really enjoy both the warmth and the ambiance it brings to our maker space. While we don’t need enough wood to heat our whole house or a major portion of it, we do go through enough wood that some good tools are in order.

Estwing® is one of our favorite U.S.A.-made brands. We have several of their tools, including some nice hammers, leather-handled hatchet (process kindling), and now this 5 lb. (about 2.25 kilo) wedge has joined the family.

We purchase our main supply of firewood from a local supplier. However, there are logs that come our way that are too large to burn as is. We don’t need to do this often enough to justify a hydraulic wood splitter. That’s where this great little tool comes in!

I can drive the wedge with a small sledgehammer, and the shape and coating on the tools help assure that it doesn’t stick and I can get it removed. Estwing incorporated a great little feature by casting in secondary wedge angles at the top. As the last portion of the wedge is driven into the log, the wedge angle increases significantly, driving the wood apart and helping release the wedge. It’s a smart setup. Take a look as DirtFarmer Jay demonstrates have effective and economical this little tool is.

To buy one of yourself, visit your favorite hardware and DIY center, or search online using the phrase “Estwing Sure Split Wedge.” You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t you just love it when you can JUST DO IT YOURSELF?

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