Скачать с ютуб Developer and team productivity with JetBrains Space

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In many organizations, there is a split between the tools everyone in the company uses and those used by creative teams such as marketing, sales, HR, designers, and software developers. This bridge is usually crossed with webhooks and custom integrations that can be fragile, not to mention a potential security and maintenance nightmare for your IT teams.

What if there was a single, integrated platform, that meets the needs of all sides?

In this session, we'll explore Space, a platform that combines chats, teams, blogs, articles, meetings, version control, code review, CI/CD, automation, software packages, issues, and more. We will look at the built-in tools for developers, how Space can help us collaborate more efficiently, and how we can write integrations with Space.

This video is a recording of a meetup - thank you FOSScafe for providing us with the recording - https://www.meetup.com/fosscafe