Скачать с ютуб Sims 4 Brothel Challenge! //Rags to Riches// Sims 4 Let’s Play

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This video is the first episode of a new Sims 4 Brothel Challenge! I wanted to do something along the lines of Rags to Riches but with a twist! It’s not strictly a Rags to Riches Let’s play because you get a budget at the beginning rather than nothing, but I’d like to think it’s at least in the same category as Rags to Riches!\r
I’ve wanted to do a Brothel Challenge for a while and after doing a little research I found two Brothel Challenges for the Sims 4 and I decided to combine the rules of both to make my own Sims 4 Brothel Challenge!\r
Unfortunately I’m unable to link the link to the sims 4 brothel challenge rules I used for this Let’s Play because the websites are over 18 (so would be against YT guidelines to link it in the description) however I was able to find it very quickly with just an online search for ‘sims 4 brothel challenge’ so if you want to do one yourself you should be able to find it easily!\r
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