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00:00 Intro
00:49 The Pitch
02:18 I’m hesitating between the MSc Grande Ecole at KEDGE and your Masters. Why should I pick yours? What’s the difference?
06:56 You have 3 different campuses and it confuses me. Where will the lessons take place?
09:02 When it comes to the interview you mention a written subject. What is it and what are your expectations?
11:52 KEDGE claims that “Marketing” is one of the institutions centres of excellence. What does this mean?
13:18 “Marketing” is a vast subject. How can students gain a specific, in-depth knowledge of one specific area such as Luxury Marketing for example?
15:13 The Clichés
22:32 Do you offer classes on the use of technology and AI in marketing? How can academic programmes keep up with the rapidly changing needs of the job market?
26:22 The MSc Marketing is designed to give students the opportunity to access 80% of the marketing jobs. What occupations are the remaining 20%?
27:26 Once I’ve graduated, how will you help me find a job?