Скачать с ютуб Saiko no sutoka Alpha 1.8 - Glass Traps (Are Traps G-), and 2 new difficulties.

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Gonna upload my let's plays of the game whenever a new update comes out (Only if the new update add a couple or a lot of new features).

From devlog
'1 : added glass traps , saiko can now create glass traps by breaking windows of the doors
2 : added new bleed mecanic out character can now bleed when struct by glass shards.
3 : added new death animation from slashes.. and also if died with bleeding.
4 : ai new looking around behaviour .. she will now try to investigate more if she cant find you and she think you nearby.
5 : ai new behaviour where she can look through windows and see player inside the room can also setup ambush more frequently..
6 : new camera models to show the camera and indicate where ai is located.
7 : ai can look at camera and find where you are .
8 : ai can hope of the desks to reach you
9 : added 2 new difficulty levels normal and hard
10 : lots of improvement to ai movement and getting stuck bugs.
11 : added shoes for player to avoid geting glass shards only spawns in normal mode.
12 : added first aid kit only spawns in normal mode
13 : added cabinets in the game with a jumpscare and now items like key and aid kit can spawn in it.
14 : fixed alot of bugs and minor additions.'

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