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Jack Mallers is the Founder and CEO of Zap, which created Strike, a bitcoin investment and payments company that transacts over the Lightning Network. Jack is known as one of the earliest Lightning Network developers, and recently has been providing market insights to help build El Salvador’s modern financial infrastructure using Bitcoin technology. This technology delivers powerful advantages over legacy financial rails and incumbent payment systems. “What’s transformative here is that bitcoin is both the greatest reserve asset ever created and a superior monetary network. Holding bitcoin provides a way to protect developing economies from potential shocks of fiat currency inflation,”

0:00 - Introduction
3:40 - Strike's remittance trial in El Salvador 
12:20 - How Strike uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
17:20 - How layer 2 protocols can improve Bitcoin for remittances
19:06 - Bitcoin \u0026 El Salvador: the full story
25:20 - The process of onboarding entire countries
32:40 - Advantages of making Bitcoin legal tender
38:00 - Reasons for phasing out USDT
40:00 - Driving global Bitcoin adoption
45:00 - How is Bitcoin’s volatility changing?

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