Скачать с ютуб Installing An Energizer and Introducing Our Pigs

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We are raising pigs for meat for the first time in our homestead in Nova Scotia. We have 3 pigs and they are Berkshire/Ossabow Island Hog mix.

The biggest concern when planning for pigs is how will we keep them contained. We obviously were not prepared yet again and Dominic set up the electric fence last minute.


We are Jenny and Dominic and we moved from BC to Nova Scotia in Summer 2020 to learn to grow our own food. We are trying to live more sustainably and stop throwing away so much spoiled produce.  We are releasing a vlog every Sunday to share what we have accomplished in the world of growing food (and a little of life in Nova Scotia).  

If you want to follow along to see what it is like trying to be Canadian Homesteaders, drop a comment and introduce yourself below!

2021 Growing Season Playlist 

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